Boarding, Grooming and Behavioral Training


It’s ok to lavish attention on your pets as if they were your children. Our highly qualified animal caretakers do the same when you can’t be around. We provide tender, loving care (such as brushing and cuddling) and are proud to offer a covered outdoor play area to keep your pet active in all types of weather.

All boarding pets are given a Capstar to remove external parasites.

In addition, if your pet needs daily medication or a special diet, please bring an adequate supply for your pet’s stay, and our staff will be happy to administer it. If your pet becomes ill while boarding we will contact you and discuss non-emergency treatment, in case of an emergency, our doctors will immediately begin appropriate treatment at your expense, you will then be notified about the status of your pet.

Please call in advance to make reservations. During holidays, spots can fill up quickly.



It’s also ok to lavish spa-like attention on your pets. Our luxury grooming services include everything from baths, maintenance trims, and full hair cuts to fancy/scissor cuts. Grooming includes a nail trim, ear pluck, ear cleaning and internal anal gland expression.

Behavioral Training

When your pet exhibits troubling behavior or if he or she just needs some basic obedience training, our staff can help. We offer suggestions for training and can help identify a medical cause for the unwanted behavior. We can also prescribe medicine for some types of behavioral issues.