Preventative Care Plans That Work When Plans Change

wellnessYou know the drill. Veterinary clinics want repeat customers, so they sell you a wellness program that requires you to pay a monthly or quarterly fee for a particular set of services. This means you are paying for health care services before they are provided. While this is good business for the veterinarian, it isn’t always in the best interest of you or your pet.

At Great Northwest Animal Hospital, we believe strongly in preventive care and regular monitoring, but we don’t believe in tying you down. Life is simply too unpredictable. Therefore, we’ve developed a wellness program that’s easy on your pocketbook and effective for your pet’s health.

It works like this:

  1. We provide you with our recommended health care regimen and answer any questions you have.
  2. We offer age-based blood panels with your first semi-annual visits.
  3. Once you get started we provide special offers, like free nail trims.

In addition, we don’t penalize you for getting your medications elsewhere. We will treat your pet regardless.

Please note, services must be paid for at the time they are rendered. We accept a number of different payment methods.

Contact us today with additional questions about our preventative care plans or other services.

Puppy and Kitten Care

kittens2Your puppy and kitten are immediately enrolled in our wellness program when you follow the recommendations we prescribe at each visit. If you stray from the program—for instance, if you miss the 3-week booster shots—you can be re-enrolled by scheduling an appointment to discuss how to get back on track.

To remain in the wellness program after the 16-week vaccination regimen is completed, simply visit us every 6 months for a checkup, and follow the recommendations we provide.

Preventative Care Plans include:

  • Comprehensive physical exams
  • Parasite testing
  • Heartworm prevention tailored to your pet’s lifestyle
  • Flea and tick control
  • Puppy and kitten vaccination booster series
  • Vaccinations for adult and senior pets

Spaying/neutering and certain blood tests may also be appropriate for your pet. We will discuss these options with you during your wellness visits.

Other benefits include complimentary nail trims (for cooperative pets), priority boarding reservations, a pet photo ID card with vaccine dates and our contact information. On occasion, we also provide our wellness patients with no-cost daycare. Please contact us for details and more information.

Senior Pet Care

senior2Your dog or cat is considered a senior pet around age 7 or 8. Larger breed dogs, such as Great Danes, may reach senior status by age 5 or 6. Because older pets have weaker immune systems, wellness programs and vaccinations become more important as your pet ages. If your pet has yet to get on a wellness plan with us prior to his or her golden years, now is a golden opportunity to start.

Flea and Tick Medications

These parasites are often part of owning a pet, especially in the greater San Antonio area. However, they don’t have to ruin your pet’s quality of life. As part of a general wellness regimen and whenever your pet needs it, we can recommend a flea and tick preventive that’s appropriate. We also stock high-quality preventives in our pharmacy, so we can assess your pet’s infestation and start treating him or her right away.

Vaccinations and Boosters

Some vaccinations are appropriate for all pets, while others may be required based on lifestyle. Whatever the situation, we’ll get your beloved animal on the vaccination and booster program best suited to his or her breed and environment.

Spay and Neuter Surgeries

puppiesIf you do not plan to breed your pet, you should have your pet spayed or neutered. While it’s a serious surgery, it’s also a common and safe one—a procedure that will add quality and sometimes years to your pet’s life.

Heartworm Prevention

Because we live in South Texas, pets need to be on heartworm prevention year-round. To keep your pets safe and healthy, it’s vital that heartworm preventatives are administered on schedule. Great Northwest Animal Hospital offers competitive pricing on heartworm prevention products. You can sign up for reminders at Virbac.